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EWM Advanced Cycle Counting  (ACC 1.0)


SAP EWM ACC 1.0, provides the ability to perform both Manual and Automated Cycle Counting using HUs in EWM 9.5 using SAP EWM RFUI. It supports both Manual and Automated warehouses. Key customer benefits are :

  • Significant reduction in Manual Cycle Counting as most of HUs can be counted automatically using counting rules

  • Enhanced Native EWM RFUI for Advanced Cycle Counting of HUs at Work Centers

  • Enhanced EWM Monitor support to track the progress of Advanced Cycle Counting based on HUs

  • Advanced Cycle Counting features scalable to multiple warehouses using switch framework

  • Auditor friendly as Automated counting rules are referenced in the posted PI documents

  • Certified by SAP

  • Here is a quick walk-through of the product features

  • A short demo of the product

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