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EWM Adv. Prod. Integration 1.0 for Serialized Products with RFUI (APIS 1.0)


SAP EWM APIS 1.0, helps manufacturing firms achieve significant efficiencies  by optimizing process flows on production lines for serialized products. Key customer benefits are :

  • Faster receipt and consumption of serialized products

  • No need to switch to S4 HANA to create deliveries to post receipt and consumption of serialized products

  • No middleware needed as it is a native SAP RFUI solution.

  • Consumed and reversed serial numbers can be tracked with reference to PMR directly in the EWM Monitor

  • Significant reduction in data footprint in both S4 HANA and EWM as deliveries are not needed to create the goods movements of serialized products

  • Certified by SAP

  • Here is a quick walk-through of the product features

SAP EWM ACC 1.0 Product

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